Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome 2014...

Wow so sorry I haven't posted since December of 2013 and here it is almost the end of February 2014.  Holy smokes where is the time going????  I've been busy crafting and working at my "day job" so that means I needed to get organized if I was ever going to be able to find time to update my blog. While reading an email the other day I saw a video on a planner system that one of the ladies that I follow uses. That planner system looked great but it starts at $50 per year and it doesn't include a business records section. Needless to say once I found out the cost I thought I don't need a planner I have my smartphone and all my appointments are in there and they are well except for time for me to create my Skybow Creations which means that I had not scheduled time for blogging updates either. Long story short I put together a planner and business binder all in one for around $20 and now I have time 4 days a week to be creative. I even scheduled into my planner time to update my blog each month!!!  So now on with the update....
In January the gals in my Cricut Club met and they all made 8 all occasion cards, everything from Get well to Happy Birthday.  So today I will be sharing some of these with you.  In February I made a few Valentine's cards and the Cricut Club gals made canvasses with vinyl for home decor.  Next month the Cricut Club gals will be making a "Risen" banner in pastel spring colors. I bet I haven't mentioned that I am so ready for winter to be done, alas we have another month of it here in Eastern Idaho and while the weather has been mild today, well except for the wind, it snowed on Saturday and I an positive that old man winter is not done with us yet. Anyway here are the pictures of the cards and my canvas. The first three cards are from the January Cricut club meeting. The hippo is on a homemade action wobble. The cupcake card is a matchbook fold. The Get well card is a center step card. The party hat card is an interactive slider card made for a special friends son's 30th birthday. The next 3 are the cards I made for Valentines day and they are block cards. The last picture is the project that my Cricut Club gals made for the February club meeting and everyone had their own verse on their canvas.

So now you've seen all  the pictures I hope you enjoyed your time here. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web.  Please leave me a comment so I know you were here.

God Bless

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