Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Necessity is the Mother of Invention...

Hi there blogger friends, family and followers.  I am sure you have all heard somewhere that old saying "Necessity is the Mother of Invention"  Well I am not sure that is what happened this last weekend but as I was struggling to use some of my current craft supplies I was hit with 2 ideas to make using my supplies easier.  The first idea came as I was trying to remove an embossing folder from my over full binder, you know the ones that Provo craft sold with the sleeves to hold everything in place. The binder is great for the dies but not so user friendly for the embossing folders that I had. Probably because I really had too many folders in the binder and some of my folders where from other companies, anyway I remembered that I had seen a great idea by Sarah Hamer on her website that she uses for the storage of her stamp sets.  So I decided that since I did not need it for stamp storage I could use her idea with a bit of adaptation for my embossing folders. (My clear stamps are in binders alphabetically, yes I am an organization nut but it really helps me be creative.) I cut the dividers using white cardstock, my Just Because Cards Cricut cartridge and my Gypsy.  I printed labels off from my computer and ran the printer paper through my Xyron to make them into stickers.  I love how it came out and it is so much more organized (yes alphabetically), there is room for some more folders now and it's a breeze to use too.  The basket was part of a gift my darling husband gave me last year for mother's day and it originally have lots of bath goodies in it.  Since this idea came from Sarah I will be linking it up at her Tuesday Link up party today. So please stop by her site and see all the creative people there.  Thanks Sarah for this wonderful idea!!!
The next  idea came to me as I was struggling to get some of my Stickles to work and remembered that I had seen a holder for sale on the web that held your Stickles bottles upside down. Since I am not currently working I just could not justify buying this item right now or replacing any stickles either, so I thought what if I used some leftover chipboard and just cut out slots so that they fit together in a grid fashion.  So I gave it a try and it work!!!  I know the bottom pieces of the chipboard are hard to see in this picture, but they hold the long top pieces in place and keep the Stickles bottles from falling over. The basket is just one of those 3 for a $2 plastic baskets you get at any discount store.  I wrote the name of the stickles on the bottom of the bottle with a sharpie marker and yes they too are organized into the RGB or rainbow color order.

 I hope this has sparked some ideas for you too.  Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web.
God Bless,


  1. Awesome ideas. I'm not that organized as far as ABC order. But could definitely work with roygbiv order for stickles. I don't have that many embossing folders, so no need to get that organized yet. But will keep it in mind for the future. Thanks so much for sharing.
    God Bless

  2. Sometimes I think I like collecting and organizing more than crafting. It is so adictive.

  3. These are great ideas Vickie! I have my cb folders in a basket- but not with dividers (yet)! I use them more now that they are in the basket than I did when they were in that binder :)

    Thanks for partying with us this week! www.pinkcricut.com