Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quicky update...

Sorry that this update is a few days late, but I had a very stressful week/weekend. My dad went into the hospital for what was called routine leg surgery last Monday, but it turned into a major heart attack, that turned into emergency open heart surgery last Thursday. So I took a early morning flight from Salt Lake City to Phoenix last Friday and stayed with him in ICU for 2 nights this past weekend then flew home Sunday and was back to work today. Talk about tired...but I have to share with you all that God preformed 3 miracles with my dad. First he was at the hospital when he had his major heart attack, then he survived open heart surgery even though his heart was very weak and last but by no means least he converted my fathers heart rhythm from A-Fib with PVC's (very bad rhythm on a even a healthy heart) to a normal sinus rhythm on Saturday afternoon before the cardiac team had to go through with their planned cardio version procedure. He has a long road of rehab to get through now but I know God will help him succeed.  All I can say WOW, God  is so good all of the time!!!!!!!!!!!! I thank all of my friends & family for all their prayers for my dad it is appreciated more than words can say.

Now for a little bit of crafting fun.  While waiting to hear how my dad's surgery went on Monday last week I created with the help of my new toy (gypsy) this cute Fall card.  I hope you enjoy, happy fall & thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web.
God Bless,


  1. So glad things are going better with your dad. What a blessing to hear how the Lord had His hand on him the whole time. The card is cute. :)

  2. I like your fall card Vicki... especially how you added that flower to the pumpkin stem. Too cute! Thanks for inviting me over:)

    Sending prayers to you for your father's recovery too.