Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is it October already???

Yeah it's October, I am just not sure where the year is going.  I had intended to get this update done yesterday as it was "World Card Making Day".  I love making cards as much as giving them to friends and family.  So while I know that I'm a day late, I thought I share two cards I just made anyway. The first card is a step pocket pull card. I've only made 2 of these types of cards, but they are loads of fun. The second card is a simple straight fold card.  Both cards were made with the help of my Cricut.  I don't think I could make a card without my Cricut, an embellishment or a stamp anymore.

I have been teaching a Cricut calendar class and I want to say thanks to the ladies in the class for agreeing to have their pictures on my blog, you are all super great friends, students and Cricuteers!!! One of their husband says the machines should have been called Locust so that when we get together it really would be called a swarm. I also need to thank  my darling husband, he leaves home each month just so we can "swarm". Of course he explains it as "estrogen overload", but either way is so sweet of him to give us this time to Cricut!!!

I am so excited to share this last bit of information. I got a new Cricut toy (tool) late last week. As you can tell from the last picture it's a Gypsy :0)!!!  I've been wanting one of these cute little guys for over a year.  When we got home from our recent Anniversary Trip I asked my wonderful husband if I could order one and as you can tell he said yes!!!  I've been taking an online course and when I ordered my Gypsy I got a DVD full of lessons and projects to do with it.  I can't wait to begin creating using my new toy, I mean tool. 

Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by my corner of the web.

God Bless,

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