Saturday, November 16, 2013

Long overdue post of Cricut club calendars

Hi there all my followers.  I know that I promised I'd share my Cricut club perpetual calendars with you many times and I just realized that I have not done that.  My Mom in Law has received it and thinks it great so as she has had time to enjoy it I thought I'd share all the pictures with you all.  Sorry there are so many pictures but as there are 12 months in a year so there are 24 pictures. Just so you know it took the club members 6 months to make these calendars and all the cuts are made using a Cricut with loads of different cartridges.

Whew... that's alot of pictures hope you enjoyed seeing each of the months. The ladies had a great time making this calendar.  When they finished all their pages we bound it with my Zutter bind it all.  Now all they have to do each year is buy a package of vellum and print that years calendar pages and then they are good to go for another year.
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  1. So glad she liked it, we had a lot of fun making them. I smile every time I look at my calendar knowing I made it. It's shocking to think that. :) lol