Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy fall y'all...

Hi to all my blogger followers I am back... well I never really left I just had a super slow computer which was dying a super slow painful (for me) death, anyhoo my sweet darling husband took pity on me this week and bought me a new ASUS laptop with windows 8, I was still using Vista I know the dark ages of computer operating systems. This one is so cute it's black with little blue dots and the best part is that we got a great deal on it at Best Buy because it was a floor model and the last one in stock at our store. In addition to a slow computer I have been struggling with some more major pain in my back again. 10 days ago my back surgeon determined that due to my low back fusion I may have developed SI joint dysfunction (SJD) which happens to about 75% of all low back fusion patients and over 50% of that 75% are women... long story a bit shorter... I need an injection to diagnosis it correctly, if the injection gives me pain relief, then I will need another surgery to fix the issue.  My insurance company in their stupidity refuses to pay for the injection but will pay for the surgery.  My surgeon wanting to be absolutely positive it is SJD before surgery wants to do the injection, which I think is good because I don't want to have another surgery and find out that it did not help. As you can probably tell I am a bit frustrated with my insurance company.  We now get to do an appeal letter and hope that it all get's solved quickly so mostly that I can get out of this major pain but also so that it can be done before the end of the year as all my deductable and out of pocket costs have been met for 2013.  I am am praying and have my fingers crossed but your prayers would be greatly appreciated too.
And now before I loss everyone on to the craft part of today's post which is what you are all here for, thanks for listening.  Just over a week ago my Cricut Club met and the project involved heat transfer vinyl bought at and t-shirts from Walmart here is what they made.

I think they came out great. These were super easy to do, the weeding of the vinyl was the hardest part but even my new members were able to do this project easily.
I hope you enjoyed your visit. Thanks stopping by. Sorry this was such a long post today, hopefully now I will be able to post updates more quickly and frequently so they will be shorter... Leave a comment so I know you stopped by.
God Bless,

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  1. I hope you get your insurance problems worked out. The shirts were a lot of fun to make. :)