Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hi there...

Wow I can't believe the month of July is already history for 2011. This year is just going by so fast!!! Sorry I haven't updated my blog recently but  July was a busy month for me. After we had our beginners Cricut class in June all those who attended the class asked me if I would teach them how to use their Cricut machines to do more things and they thought it would be fun to make 8x8 Cricut calendars, so  I was busy for most of the month designing those calendar pages for them.  We had our first calendar class on the 30th of July and completed January, February and March pages.  It was a blast. We will meet again in August, September and October to do the other calendar pages.  After they are done with their calendars I will share a peak at the calendar I made and I will have sets of instructions for sale to anyone who is interested. Also in July I had a fabulous girls weekend away for my birthday, thanks to my dear sweet husband and 3 wonderful friends. My youngest son came home for a week to visit towards the end of the month. I had not seen him since Christmas last year so we had a great week just catching up and visiting.

Today I am sharing a very simple thank you card I made for all my family and friends who remembered my birthday last month.
Thanks again everyone for making me feel so loved.  Enjoy and thanks for stopping by my little corner of God's world.

God Bless,

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