Sunday, March 13, 2011

A scrapbook layout and blog changes again...

Since my back has caused me to have to rest and put my legs up today, I decided to spend some time sprucing up the look of my blog.   I thought I also share a couple of pictures of one of my scrapbook layouts.  The scrapbook layout is from a memorial scrapbook I did for my baby grandson just after he passed away as a SIDS baby. He would have been 5 yrs old this past January.  I never got to meet him, but I know that one day when God calls me home I will and until then he is with the angels.

I hope you like the scrapbook layout and the new look to the blog.  Thanks for visiting.

God Bless,


  1. What a sweet picture, so sad though. But a blessing you know you will see him in glory.

    I like the look of your blog, very nice. :)


  2. I just had goosebumps while reading your post. He definitely is among the angels now, it's just sad that you never really had the chance to meet him. Ooooh I'm getting teary-eyed.